1. Build a tree house

2. Have a pet penguin and guinea pig

These are my favorite animals. I’ve been wanting to keep them for the longest time but I can’t do so right now. I’m gonna name my penguin Pinpin and my guinea pig Bacon.

3. Hear the Psalms in the original language

Psalms is my favorite book in the Bible. I want to hear how it sounds like in its original language so I can sing it with my brothers and sisters.

4. Learn the culture of the people from the past (specifically people from the Victorian Era)

5. Be friends with Bible characters especially Esther, the Shulammite Girl and Jephthah’s daughter!

6. Sing song number 137 perfectly with Sarah and Esther, Mary, Ruth and Hannah~🤪

7. Travel to New Zealand

8. Ride the horses

9. Sleep outside my house with the jaguars

10. Get to know my bestfriends’ grandparents and other friends I haven’t got a chance to meet today