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Welcome to my artworks!

This is a little showcase of mine for my artworks. I am still a beginner but I gave my best into every landscape. My artworks include Gouache, Watercolor, Oil Pastel and Procreate. I hope you’ll like them. More artworks to come!

Mount Fuji

I was able to make this landscape for almost an hour. It was really fun to do and really easy to make. If you wanna create this artwork, follow Art With Flo‘s tutorial like I did! Just click this link: You Can Draw This MOUNT FUJI in PROCREATE – Plus FREE Procreate Brush. And if you want to use the colors I used like she did, you can check out her free color palette here. You can also check out her treasure chest with lots of freebies:


If you want to create this artwork, follow along this video I followed ๐Ÿ™‚ Art With Flo And if you want to use the colors I used for this artwork, she also made a color palette for you: Color Palette: Skyline


If you want to do this artwork, follow along this tutorial by Flo: Art With Flo And here are the colors used made by her as well: Color Palette: Camping Scene Have fun!


Follow along the tutorial I followed: Art With Flo And here’s a link for the color palette she used in this artwork: Color Palette: Mountain Landscape with Trees


Tutorial I followed for this artwork: Art With Flo She also made a color palette for this landscape, check it out here: Color Palette: Sunset Landscape


This is my second Procreate artwork and it is a Sunrise landscape. It has birds (this is my drawing of birds since Grade 1 until now๐Ÿ˜‚), mountains, small clouds, and of course our sun.

Follow along this tutorial if you wanna make one too!: Art With Flo and here’s the color palette from her as well: Color Palette: Sunrise

Night Scene

This is my first Procreate artwork! It is a Night Scene with moon, stars and kinda like water drips at the bottom to make it look cute. And yes, my moon is not a perfect circle, sorry for that๐Ÿ˜‚

I followed this artwork from Art With Flo on You Tube. Here is the color palette for this landscape: Color Palette: Night Scene Landscape. You could also visit her website at to read e-books about Procreate. In addition, you can get access to her free brushes and more!

My Gouache Artworks (Beginner)

More Watercolor Artworks

My 1st Watercolor Painting

So this is my first watercolor artwork that I would like to share to you guys. I tried my best to do this because I’m still a beginner but I hope you like it! This was inspired by my friend, Janelle.

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