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tbr short books.

Hi, it’s been a while. Last year—February 25,2021 to be exact—I posted a TBR (To Be Read) list filled with Theocratic books and articles. I’m so happy to inform you that I finished reading all of them before the year ended, yey!

Today, although it’s a little late, I still want to read a few books before the year ends.

recipes I would love to cook.

So I’ve already tried to cook French Toast

my to-do list in Paradise.

1. Build a tree house

I want to know how it feels like when you’re on a tree since I’ve never experienced climbing on one. I can imagine it’s very refreshing and cozy up there. Can’t wait.

how to get started on ux design.


Take a course to know the principles. Don’t learn UX Design in a scattered way like watching random tutorials on Youtube. Having an instructor can help you learn all about it in a step-by-step process.

how I got into user experience design.

My Dad sent me an article about creating a design system in Figma. He told me that I need to master that. “All your skills in graphic design will converge here – web/app design”, he said. I read the article but I didn’t finish reading all of it. I don’t even have an idea what design system, Figma, and UI means.

I wrote a song.

Do you feel sad because you miss your friends? I do. Which is why I thought of song writing as a new hobby. I wrote my first original song. It is entitled “Lifelong”. I hope you like it.

my reading list.

Since reading is one of my hobbies, I made a TBR list. I hope this will give you a little motivation to make your own one. It is very handy to have a reading list to follow. I decided to fill my reading list with Theocratic Books/Articles for my personal Bible study. I’ve included links to these books so you can read them as well. Happy reading!

Coping with Boredom (Part 5)



There may be apps that you don’t really need that takes up so much space on your phone so just delete them.

Coping with Boredom (Part 4)


Classic books are my taste. My personal favorite books right now are “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen and “Flyaway” by Lucy Christopher.

Coping with Boredom (Part 3)


Ukulele is my favorite instrument to play as of now and my favorite song to play is “Kahit Maputi Na ang Buhok Ko by Rey Valera”. Once again, youtube has ukulele tutorials so you can go watch them. My favorite youtubers when it comes to ukulele tutorials are Elise Ecklund and Jaytee Taquiso.

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