Month: August 2021

my to-do list in Paradise.

1. Build a tree house

I want to know how it feels like when you’re on a tree since I’ve never experienced climbing on one. I can imagine it’s very refreshing and cozy up there. Can’t wait.

how to get started on ux design.


Take a course to know the principles. Don’t learn UX Design in a scattered way like watching random tutorials on Youtube. Having an instructor can help you learn all about it in a step-by-step process.

how I got into user experience design.

My Dad sent me an article about creating a design system in Figma. He told me that I need to master that. “All your skills in graphic design will converge here – web/app design”, he said. I read the article but I didn’t finish reading all of it. I don’t even have an idea what design system, Figma, and UI means.

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