Month: December 2020


If you want to create this artwork, follow along this video I followed ๐Ÿ™‚ Art With Flo And if you want to use the colors I used for this artwork, she also made a color palette for you: Color Palette: Skyline


If you want to do this artwork, follow along this tutorial by Flo: Art With Flo And here are the colors used made by her as well: Color Palette: Camping Scene Have fun!


Follow along the tutorial I followed: Art With Flo And here’s a link for the color palette she used in this artwork: Color Palette: Mountain Landscape with Trees


Tutorial I followed for this artwork: Art With Flo She also made a color palette for this landscape, check it out here: Color Palette: Sunset Landscape


This is my second Procreate artwork and it is a Sunrise landscape. It has birds (this is my drawing of birds since Grade 1 until now๐Ÿ˜‚), mountains, small clouds, and of course our sun.

Follow along this tutorial if you wanna make one too!: Art With Flo and here’s the color palette from her as well: Color Palette: Sunrise

Night Scene

This is my first Procreate artwork! It is a Night Scene with moon, stars and kinda like water drips at the bottom to make it look cute. And yes, my moon is not a perfect circle, sorry for that๐Ÿ˜‚

I followed this artwork from Art With Flo on You Tube. Here is the color palette for this landscape: Color Palette: Night Scene Landscape. You could also visit her website at to read e-books about Procreate. In addition, you can get access to her free brushes and more!

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