My Dad sent me an article about creating a design system in Figma. He told me that I need to master that. “All your skills in graphic design will converge here – web/app design”, he said. I read the article but I didn’t finish reading all of it. I don’t even have an idea what design system, Figma, and UI means.

So, my dad bought a course (on Udemy) for me. The name of the course is “User Experience Design Essentials – Adobe XD UI UX Design”. Our instructor is Daniel Walter Scott. His way of teaching is amazing! I had no idea that websites and apps have designers! After all this time, I thought the programmers do all the job of building an app and website. I understood what’s the difference between UX and UI, how to make a user persona, how to master Adobe XD and more.

I’m still a student up until now, I’m still not an expert, I don’t even have a job yet. Even though I already did the class projects and finished the course, I still need to know a lot to become a UX Designer. I really enjoy designing apps and websites, but don’t get me wrong, the skills that I learned on Graphic Design are still applied on UX so I don’t regret learning it.

That’s all for my story. If you’re learning like me, don’t stop! Designing is a good skill to have. You may experience Imposter Syndrome like I had before, but don’t think you have to know everything. It takes time to master a tool and field. Keep on learning and practicing!

Yours truly, Maru