Painting is such a good hobby and it can actually be your secret talent. There are lots and lots of tutorials on youtube where you can learn to paint gardens, flowers, artists, sceneries, and more.


Calligraphy is really fun to do. You can write in such creative ways. There are many calligraphy inspirations on youtube, google and pinterest.


Oil Pastel is one of my hobbies and if you want to go check out my first oil pastel art, click here: My first take in Oil Pastels . Again, there are numerous tutorials on youtube and I usually watch oil pastel tutorials on this channel: Art Arena so feel free to check it out!


Drawing is not really my most favorite thing to do because I suck at drawing haha. But I’ll get better… soon (hopefully~) If you’re like me, let’s learn to draw together shall we? Anime type drawings are what I really want to learn. Love2DrawManga is good channel for you if you want to learn them as well.


I still have lots of empty notebooks lying around the house and I think it is time to finally fill them out. We might be the same. but you might think, “How am I going to fill these notebooks?” Don’t worry because google and youtube got our backs. You can watch this video right here: 21 ways to fill empty notebooks or read this article right here: 30 ways to fill in your blank notebooks


Starting a bullet journal is one of the best and fun way to fill in your empty notebooks! You can write your diary in here, your monthly and yearly goals or you can paste some of your polaroid pictures and more fun stuff. AmandaRachLee is my favorite youtuber when it comes to bullet journaling because she has so many different creative themes every month and that is just so cool and fun to follow. And by the way, she also has calligraphy tutorials. So cool!


Pinterest is one of my favorite apps because it has so many aesthetic pictures that you can use as wallpapers, inspiration for your room and all good quality photos you need.


Listening to music is really my go-to when I’m stressed or tired at the end of the day. My favorite song right now is “Yesterday Once More” by The Carpenters.


We all miss our friends and best friends so much:(( So why not make cards or bracelets for them and hand it over to them when we can finally see them? I’m sure they’re gonna love you more and appreciate your kindness.