Read the Bible

Read the Bible online:

Find new songs

Music is a stress reliever for all of us. Why not discover new songs? An old song that I always play on loop is “Yesterday Once More” by The Carpenters. If you aren’t familiar with that song, you must listen to it!

Room makeover

Take a look at your room and think about ways to transform it into something new. Or you can just simply clean it or fix your organizers or stuff. You might also want to decorate your room, make some DIY decorations to give it a different look.

Closet cleaning

Now, I wanted to separate this from cleaning your room because your closet might be the messiest part of your room. If you’re bored, go look at your closet and declutter it so that it will be easier for you to pick some clothes.


Baking is a really good skill to acquire and honestly, I think I like it more than cooking. If you don’t know how to bake, there are tons of youtube videos tutorials that can help you or you can just go ask your mom because mother knows best.


Now crocheting is what I’m really into this quarantine ever since my cousin told me about it. There are lots of projects you can do with crochet. You can make a top, palda, socks, phone pouch, and more!! It is so fun to do and I am telling you it may be hard to learn at first but once you got the hang of it, you are not gonna stop! Here are some crochet tutorial channels I personally watch and follow on YouTube: forthefrills, CJewels Crochet, and I would recommend you to watch and follow along simplydaisy‘s videos for complete beginners.

Phone declutter

Always check your gallery and select photos that you don’t need anymore to have more storage. Or a hack that you can do is download google photos, log in your google account, and you can just simply delete unnecessary photos that you still want to save on your camera roll. And you don’t have to worry because the photos you deleted can still be found on your google photos account. Whatever device you use, you can still have access on your pictures in google photos.